Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sometimes, in an Ordinary Day, the Unexpected Happens.

Last Tuesday I was sitting in my carpet-covered cubical walls staring at my 8 billion spreadsheets as I've done every work day for nearly 4 years wondering how my life is going to pan out once I make my escape. 

In the haze of my cube coma I hear a "dingggg" from my phone. Ah, an email. Blessed distraction. 

I expect to find some sort of junk mail; however, when I opened my inbox, I had to take a moment to make sure I wasn't delusional. It was an email from the school I had applied to in February for a year long fellowship working with at-risk youth in Estes Park, CO- the one I had received an email several weeks prior saying I hadn't been selected.

"I would like to set up an phone interview with you Friday afternoon but wanted to give you a heads up before.  I'll be calling later this afternoon to see if you are still interested and if so see if we can set up a time." 

So, Friday at 3pm EST I stuttered through 45 minutes of situational questions hoping my not always so conventional answers would resonate with my 4 interviewers' sense of reason and intuition. 

This unexpected opportunity reminded me that sometimes, when you're least expecting it, something good will happen. 

Now I wait. Sometime next week I'll know if my year ahead has a visible destination which will land me in Estes Park with a role to fill, or if I'll be continuing on with  my original plan of heading to Boulder with no solid place to land other than just knowing I'll figure it out once I get there. 

Either way is really ok. No matter what happens...


  1. I am hoping with all my heart they select you. You deserve it and so do they.

  2. thanks peggy :) your encouragement and support mean so much to me <3