Monday, November 19, 2012

Sad for No Good Reason

My friends' friend died this morning from a heart attack. I was not close to this man, but so many of my friends were... and here I sit in the Colorado mountains wishing I could be with them while they grieve.

This month also marked the 4th year since a good friend from high school died. She got her license first and helped teach me how to drive when I was 16. She called me randomly throughout the years to tell me about everything that was happening in her life. The last time we talked she said, "I have so much to tell you."

The next time I received a call from her phone, it was the guy she was seeing telling me he found her face down in his couch. She had overdosed leaving behind her baby girl.

Sometimes, my sadness doesn't know how to reconcile with the loss. I don't know how to deal- how to be consistently ok. Sometimes I just want to fall apart and cry uncontrollably. I miss them all so much that I want to scream my own existence into the universe.

When my friends grieve, I remember what it feels like to feel as though the life has been kicked out of you... to feel as though you can't breathe even though you're sure you can. But maybe you can't...

Here I sit in the Colorado mountains, and I remember why I've been making the decisions I have for the last several months.

Life is unpredictable. And sometimes, it's unpredictably short.

I am living this way because my moments are numbered, and I don't know the count.

Here's to you- all of you who I miss so much.


  1. Simply put and so very true. You helped me alot with your kind words when my mother passed away and I have since sadly had to use them with some of my friends. It pains me that they have to go through it but it sometimes makes me feel okay with my lose so I am able to help them. Much like you did for me. Hang in there, girl!

  2. Thank you for your kind message... It's been a hard week on many levels. You helped to remind me to be grateful for what's been difficult because those situations have been what have enabled me to help others when things get difficult. I'm sad to hear of your mother's passing, but grateful to hear you've been able to channel it into something positive. Thanks again- it's good to hear from people who've been reading. :)